Management bulletin

Notice from the Valencia:
Our site has finally been added to the Municipality garbage collection route! Collection Day is every Thursday between 9am to 12noon starting in two weeks! We are still in the process of fabricating a proper garbage disposal bins within the premise, so once again we thank you for your patience and cooperation. Until such time, we ask that you kindly dispose off your garbage at the bags that will be provided temporarily at the back end of the building. Kindly segregate your garbage accordingly. Littering within the premise are strictly prohibited. Let us all work together for the common good of our environment and for keeping the Valencia clean and safe. Thank you! The Management
Please be kindly reminded of the following: * Wall fixtures, frames or any unit that requires wall drilling, banging are NOT permitted. Wall decor will be standardized in every room by the premise. Any damages on the wall such as whole or visible markings on the paint, doors will be charged to tenants expense. This applies to the entire living space , kitchen , bedroom and bathroom. * Shower Caddy (shampoo holders) will be installed soon as they arrive. You will be notified accordingly. * We are still in the process of installing door stoppers, until such time please be mindful when opening the front main door and bedroom door as it opens all the way to the window and wall. We thank you for your patience. You will be notified accordingly once installation is schedulled. * Please be mindful when using your kitchen faucets, bathroom units such as shower, toilette , toilette sprayer, sink , door handles, windows. Any damages in any of these units will be at tenants expense. * Our floors are Vinyl planks. Please be mindful when placing your furniture and refrain from dragging heavy units that may cause visible damage on the floor Or any liquid stain. Any damages on our floor will be at tenants expense. * At the Valencia, we love having a fresh and clean air! We are a Non smoking premise. Smoking area is by the creek side. A designated cigarette litter box will be provided soon. For now kindly dispose off your cigarette butts at the temporary bin provided. Please make sure to put out the fire completely! Even under optimal conditions, it can take at least nine months for a cigarette butt to decompose. Littered cigarette butts stick around for a long time and leach toxic chemicals — such as arsenic (used to kill rats) and lead, to name a few — into the environment, leading to land, water and air pollution! * We do not have exhaust fans inside our units therefore we encourage you to allow fresh air to ventilate your room especially when cooking. We are optimistic to provide a dirty kitchen at the back of the premise in the near future to provide you an alternative place to cook your favorite daings, danggit and tuyo 🥰. * As of now we do not have any laundry area within the premise, we encourage you to purchase your own foldable clothing racks and place it on top of the slab at the back end property for drying. There is also a temporary wire hanged. There are few laundromats in town as well to assist you with your laundry. Hanging clothings by the railing, doors, window and infront of the units are not permitted. * Leaving off your shoes and slippers by the hallways are not permitted. Therefore we kindly encourage you to provide your own shoe rack to be placed inside your unit. * Placing plants in hallways, raillings or outside your unit are not permitted. We will be doing some landscaping within the property and any ornamental plants will be standardized. * A/C unit installation. Please notify us prior to installation of any airconditioning unit as we are trying to standardized the proper height, location where to install and brand. * Noise level must be controlled at all times whithin the premise. Let us all be mindful and respect everyones quite and resting time. We all love listening to music provided that it is not disturbing other tenants. Loud music during evening hours are not permitted. We thank you for your understanding. At The Valencia, we are Environmentally conscious. We will be maintaining a clean and standard apperance within the premise at all times as we progress and once fully operational. We kindly ask for your patience during this time as we slowly construct the area to make it more pleasing, safe and comfortable. Being environmentally conscious means that not only are you mindful of the effect that you and your actions have on the environment, your own space but that you actively go the extra mile to make sure that your impact is minimized. This applies to anything you do. We thank you for choosing to stay at The Valencia! Any further notice will be forwarded accordingly. Thank you! The Management
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